Research in the Young-Quantum group combines several themes, with a global ambition to develop novel solutions for practical applications of quantum information systems. The themes include:


1. Developing components for optical quantum information processing (QIP) using low-dimensional semiconductor structures. The scalability and low-cost of semiconductor systems make them ideal for producing scalable quantum technologies. Read more about our work here.


2. Harnessing the unique properties of nanostructures embedded in devices for identity provision and authentication. At the atomic level no two objects are identical. We're developing technologies that produce east-to-read signatures based on this uniqueness, for security applications. There's more information here.


3. Quantum light emission from heterostructures of two-dimensional materials, and associated applications. Solid-state lighting and two-dimensional materials were both the subject of recent Nobel prizes in physics. The combination of the two is driving an exciting research field, there's more about this here.

Two members of the YQ group working