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28th June 2017 - We will be exhibiting at The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition next week. To find out more about our stand, 'A Future Without Fakes', please see this webpage.


3rd May 2017 - Our granted UK patent "Improvements relating to the authentication of physical entities" was published today. You can find it here.


1st April 2017 - A warm welcome to Tom McGrath who joins the group at a PhD student today after a very successful placement as an intern.


22nd March 2017 - Our granted UK patent "Quantum physical unclonable function" was published today. You can find it here.


7th December 2016 - Our paper, "Increasing the light extraction and longevity of TMDC monolayers using liquid formed micro-lenses" was published in 2D Materials. The full text is open access, you can download it here.


14th November 2016 - We're delighted to report that our paper, "Photonic Crystals for Enhanced Light Extraction from 2D Materials", has published ACS Photonics. The full text is available to download for free.


3rd October 2016 - Ben Astbury and Hamzah Shokeir have joined the group. They are both studying for Masters by research degrees.


30th September 2016 - Research in the group is now being supported by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, under award number FA9550-16-1-0276.


11th August 2016 - Dr Young was interviewed on Chinese TV about the launch of the first quantum communications satellite.

Quantum satellite - CCTV


11th July 2016 - Chris won the Institute of Physics' Communication Competition at the UK Semiconductor Conference this week. Here he is with his certificate:

Chris with his certificate


5th July 2016 - Quantum Base has been shortlisted for the CODE_n contest! There are more details here.


3rd June 2016 - Yameng will be giving a TEDx talk in Ghent on June 18th titled 'The magical world of quantum physics'.


27th May 2016 - We are delighted to welcome Dr Peter Tovee to the group. Peter joins us following a very success post-doctoral project with Prof. Oleg Kolosov, in which he pioneered high resolution scanning thermal microscopy techniques.


15th April 2016 - Congratulations to Yasir Noori, who has won a scholarship to attend the Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics 2016. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of research excellence and academic performance by Professor Konstadinos Siomos from the Max Planck Institute. The workshop will take place in the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece.


24th March 2016 - The Royal Society have produced a case study on Quantum Base as part of their 'Translating innovation' series. A PDF of the booklet they have made is available here.


17th March 2016 - Jonny has been invited to the 66th Lindau Noble meeting. This is the annual gathering of Nobel Laureates in Germany aimed at outstanding young scientists. More details in this report from the Lancaster Evening Post.


7th March 2016 - Ramón Bernardo Gavito joins the group as a post-doctoral researcher, and impact fellow. He completed his PhD with 'cum laude' honors, an outstanding achievement. He joins us from the group of Dr Daniel Granados at IMDEA Nanoscience, Madrid.


4th March 2016 - We are very happy to welcome James Howarth to the group. He's studying for a PhD as part of the EPSRC doctoral training centre Graphene-Nownano, to develop quantum light sources with two-dimensional materials. He is jointly supervised by Dr Freddie WithersProfessor Kostya Novoselov FRS and Dr Young.


29th February 2016 - We're delighted to report that our paper "Atomic-scale Authentication with Resonant Tunneling Diodes" was published in MRS Advances today. In the paper we show that quantum confinement in RTDs allows them to operate as physical unclonable functions. This is a follow-up paper to the one published in Scientific Reports at the end of 2015.


2nd February 2016 - The paper "Heterodimensional charge-carrier confinement in stacked submonolayer InAs in GaAs", featuring two members of the group, was published today in Physical Review B. 


5th January 2016 - SPIE published a news article "Using quantum effects in nanomaterials for unique identification" about our recent invention, the quantum confinement physical unclonable function. A PDF is available here.


15th December 2015 - Congratulations to Yasir, Chris and Jonny, who all won prizes at Lancaster University's Christmas Conference. Yasir's talk can be found on our media page.


1st December 2015 - Dr Young was featured in Computer Weekly's article "The next stage in quantum key distribution". In it he looks to the future of quantum key distribution.


10th November 2015 - The BBC News website featured an article about our research 'Nano-scale 'fingerprint' could boost security'.

BBC news article about our research

2nd November 2015 - Jonny won a national competition for the excellence and commercial potential of his ICT related research. He is the overall winner of the 2015 UK ICT Pioneers competition for his research Nano-Identification: Fingerprints of the Future. His invention uses next-generation quantum technology to uniquely identify any product. “By slimming digital fingerprints down to an atomic scale we’ve created devices that are not only smaller and cheaper but also fundamentally more secure than any other existing technology.” - more here.

J Roberts winning UK ICT pioneers award

Jonathan Roberts, Young-Quantum group and Philip Nelson, CEO, EPSRC


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