Recent highlights from the Young-Quantum group in the media


July 2017 - Research from the group was featured in a large number (80+) news outlets. These include; The Times, INews, The, Yahoo, Science Daily and many more!


July 2017 - Professor Young was interviewed on SkyTV News about Quantum Base's anti-counterfeiting technology:



May 2017 - The video below was created for our exhibit at The Royal Society:



October 2016 - China recently launched a satellite into orbit with a unique feature: it has the ability to send information securely, not with mathematical encryption but by using the fundamental laws of physics. China will be the first country to achieve this feat, and it marks a milestone in the development of quantum technologies. In this article, published by TheConversation, Dr Young discusses the significance of this milestone.


August 2016 - Dr Young discussing China's quantum communication satellite on CCTV:



July 2016 - Dr Cao explaining how technology from the group will be used to secure communications in the future:



April 2016 - Dr Young and Phil Speed talk about quantum technologies for authentication in the video below from the Royal Society:



March 2016 - Dr Young is one of three scientists featured in The Royal Society's 'Translating innovation' video:



December 2015 - A prize-winning talk from Yasir, a PhD student in the group. It was given at Lancaster University's Christmas Conference.



November 2015 - Our invention of the quantum physically unclonable function hit the news, being widely reported internationally. "Nano-scale 'fingerprint' could boost security" - BBC News. "Invention of forge-proof ID to revolutionise security" - PhysOrg. "Quantum fingerprint is impossible to replicate" - Physics World.


September 2015 - "Imagine a computer processor able to An illustration of quantum moneyharness super-position, to calculate the result of an arbitrarily large number of permutations of a complex problem simultaneously. Imagine how entanglement could be used to allow systems on different sides of the world to be linked and their efforts combined, despite their physical separation. Quantum computing has immense potential, making light work of some of the most difficult tasks, such as simulating the body’s response to drugs, predicting weather patterns, or analysing big datasets." - an article in The Conversation by Dr Young.


July 2015 -A prize-winning talk from Jonny, a PhD student in the group. It was given at the UK Semiconductor Conference in Sheffield.



2015 - Phil Speed and Dr Young introducing Quantum Base, the spin-out company commercialisation research from the Young-Quantum group.



2014 - Dr Young talking about quantum communications at the launch of Lancaster's Quantum Technology Centre.