The group is supported by grants from a number of sources. These include:

Royal Society logo

Professor Young holds a prestigious Royal Society Research Fellowship (2012-20) titled 'Imperfect quantum devices for physical security' (ref: UF160721 and UF110555).

EPSRC logo

EPSRC have provided two PhD studentships to the group and considerable research funds for impact generation (through grant ref: EP/K50421X/1 with matched funding from Quantum Base Ltd. through grants ref: QB01, QB02 and QB03). They have also provided funds to support internships in the group.

GCHQ logo

GCHQ have generously supported research in the Young-Quantum group through equipment grants that were used to purchase tools to develop our quantum confinement physical unclonable functions.

Lancaster University logo

Lancaster University have kindly provided start-up funding for the group. They have also provided a PhD stipend and money to help with travel costs.

Nownano logo

The EPSRC-funded doctoral training centres Nownano and Nownano-Graphene have provided funds for two studentships in the group. Professor Young is a member of the management board for Nownano-Graphene, representing Lancaster University (ref: EP/L01548X/1).


We are supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council through a joint Newton RCUK-CONACYT grant titled "Cost-efficient and radiation-tolerant pixel detectors for ionising radiation based on thin-film technology" (ref: ST/P003052/1).

AFOSR logo

The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research provides funding to support fundamental research within the group to explore authentication of electronic devices (ref: FA9550-16-1-0276).